BJJ for Kids

Good day blog reader!  Check out this BJJ for Kids demonstration of the kneeling shoulder throw.  My instructor Brad Wolfson runs his dojo, Soulcraft Martial Arts in Hamden and just posted this cool little clip.

BJJ for Kids is FuN

My program is a mix of BJJ for Kids (without submissions), Action Karate (kickboxing skills and self defense escapes), and Traditional Karate (kata patterns and bo staff).   But since this post is really about BJJ I thought to expand.  Above you’ll see one of the takedown moves the kids learn into a crash pad.  They also will learn how to fall safely, several other standing takedowns, agility and movements on the ground, pin downs, and most importantly escaping being pinned down.  It’s really fun and great exercise.  I invite you to call and setup a visit to watch or try out a class!  Thanks for reading.  Coach Jeff  860.633.1466


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