communityHi Moms & Dads.  This month my mat chats are going to be on community.  Specifically…how being active, helpful, and responsible members of our community is a good thing for everyone.  Mat chats are interactive discussions held during the first 5 minutes of class.

Each student is a valuable member of my martial arts program (aka – a micro community).  We will talk through examples of how we help each other practice and contribute to the overall good.  The kids will play several team building games and in the process see how having helpful team members can make achieving goals easier.  And conversely with less members or unhelpful members how it is much harder.

Community at GB Martial Arts

After we explore the importance of each individual member I’ll steer the discussion towards how the higher belt students are important to the school as leaders.  And all higher belts are really white belts who never quit and through practice have improved and added their contribution to the community.  I hope to show the kids how they help the dojo as they achieve belts and set good examples for newer students.

I’ll also challenge the kids to tell me how they each can be active….helpful…and responsible students!?  (and remind them that doing the same things at home, school, and other activities is a great idea)

Community in Glastonbury CT…and beyond

To finish up on this topic I’ll ask the kids to give other examples of where they can be good citizens of our community.  All of us are members of families, schools, our town of Glastonbury CT, the USA, and the world in general.   I’m looking forward to hearing what the kids come up with and to see how they can envisioin being active, helpful, and responsible members.

and lastly for this post I have a few random announcements.

November is Movember

As I write this post it is November 4th of 2015 and that means it’s Movember.  Remind the men in your life that means this month is “men’s health awareness” month and to take a moment to understand what that means.  You can read more about or donate to the movement (also known as the hairiest month of the year) @

New Beginner Karate Classes Forming

As the cold weather rolls in and outside sports wind down I expect to have a spike in enrollment.  For families looking for lessons I have the following classes with open spaces.  Pls call for more info and to find out the latest status on open spots.  860.633.1466

Mon 5.30-6.15pm —  beginner/intermediate kids ages 8+

Tues 5.30-6.15pm — beginner kids all ages

Fri 4.00 – 4.30pm — PreK age beginners (3,4, 5 yr olds)

Fri  5.30 – 6pm —  To Be Opened based on interest and will be all ages beginner.

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