Fall 2011 class info

Classes are filling up but spaces are available.  If your child is interested in joining the program please call for latest schedule and to arrange for a free, trial class.

Heads up on for current student/families –

1.  Thurs 5.30-6.15pm class will start up the first week of October.  This class will be mainly focused on kids Brazilian jiu jitsu (80%) and is for all ages/ranks.  It will also be my weekly “make up” class for kids who miss their scheduled class on other nights.  NOTE – if you are a Thurs night family then Tues evenings classes will be used for your make ups.

2.  Sat mornings practice was my weekly “make up” class but will not be put back on the schedule at this time.  Due to fall sports and my own kids activities I decided to try out using Thurs/Tues for make-ups.

3.  Uniforms should be worn starting in October.  Over the summer the kids can wear karate t-shirts, belts, and shorts.  But as the weather gets colder I ask that you send the kids in the traditional gi – pants, jacket, and belt.

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