persistenceHi Moms & Dads.  The topic of the month is how to set and achieve Goals.  Not soccer goals but milestones in school, martial arts, and other youth activities.  My mat chats will aim to define the word and discuss the concept of working through obstacles to achieve.

Summer Special

Since it is early July as I write this post I also want to share with new families that during July and August I offer a “2 for 1” summer special.  Sign up during either month and get an extra month for FREE.  My classes are smaller during the summer months due to everyone’s vacations, camps, and the laissez faire feeling of summer.  So if you are looking to get your child enrolled in a valuable and enriching activity there is no better time.


Ok now back to our mat chats.  Most of the kids will already know about setting goals.  Our belt system is kind of a built in goal setting system.  So what I’ll focus on is how not all goals are easy to attain.  And when things are difficult, challenging, or require extra work…that is when we really need to stay the course.  I’ll tell them a few stories from my martial arts experiences to illustrate the lesson.

My favorite example is how my brother Steve and I both tested for our 2nd degree black belts and only I passed.  It was a very physically demanding test that lasted 5 or 6 hours after a full day of workouts.  This is “old school” when my academy was at a weekend training camp in West Virginia (the Danny Lane Karate camp).  The point of this story is that although my brother didn’t get his rank that night he persevered.  In fact he is now a 6th degree master black belt whereas I am only a 4th.

What if we Fail?

Failing is just an opportunity to learn from mistakes and to grow and improve.  I’ll let the kids know that failing is normal and to be expected albeit not welcomed.  The idea that a winner never quits is very true.  It might take one person much longer to achieve a goal but the beauty is that someone who has to work harder probably savors the success even more.

How to Start?

If you enjoyed this post and would like to learn more about my kids martial arts program just give me a call anytime.  860.633.1466  We can go over your questions and setup a time for you to bring in your son or daughter to try a class.  Or leave a comment below and I’ll blog back to ya.  Have a great day.

– Coach Jeff

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