Goodwill – get a kick out of helping others

kindnessThis month we are holding our 4th Kick-A-Thon contest and fundraiser.  It’s a great event to challenge the kids and teach a lesson about Goodwill.

I’ll be talking to the kids this month about how doing nice things for others is a great thing to do.  The little ones are focused on winning a big trophy and not too concerned about donating the money we raise.  But I’ll make sure to point out that they are helping others on top of trying to take home the 1st place award.

Goodwill – doing nice things

My simple definition of goodwill is, “…doing nice things for no particular reason.”  By donating our time, effort, goods, services, or money we are helping out others who need it.  And in return we get the satisfaction and good feelings that come from knowing we did a nice thing.

We all can and often do contribute as individuals.  Schools, youth groups, and religious organizations often have many good causes to support.  And since I was a child I recall that my martial arts school held regular contest/fundraisers.  So it was important to both my brother Steve and I to carry this tradition forward.  I think as the leader of a group we owe it to everyone to pool our resources and make a bigger impact than acting alone.

This year we are going to donate the proceeds of our contest to our local children’s hospital – CT Childrens’ Medical Center Foundation located in Hartford, CT.

How can you give some Goodwill?

If you are wondering how you can help out…I’ve got a few ideas.  Parents who can assist running a few key stations will be greatly appreciated.

1.  Refreshments Table – I’ll have cheese pizza, fruit, and water for everyone.  I can use a few adults that can hand out refreshments, assist the kids, and keep the front area tidy.

2.  Counters – I’m going to use kids ages 7 yrs and up for counting.  However, if any parents are hanging out I’ll ask them to count kicks.  This will be especially helpful in the first hour of 4-6 yr olders.

3.  Donations – I’ll be donating proceeds from the entrance fees after expenses.  But anyone that wants to make additional monetary donations is encouraged.  A little bit by everyone will add up quick.  Please make checks payable to CT Childrens’ Medical Center Foundation.

Kick-a-Thon 2015 update

We had another great night with 32 kids participating and launching 9729 kicks!  After all was totaled we also raised $ 520 for CT Children’s Medical Center Foundation.  Thanks to everyone for all the effort, generosity, and fun.

The competition was intense and very close from top to bottom.  In the youngest age group (4-6 yrs) we had to have a tie breaker for 2nd and 3rd place.  And in the middle group (7-9 yrs) there was 1 kick that separated 1st and 2nd place winners.  Congrats to all kickers and the winners in each group:7-9 yr and 10 +

4-6 yrs –  Andrew (1st), Alexa (2nd), Ian (3rd)

7-9 yrs – Will (1st), JD (2nd), and Liam (3rd)

10 + yrs – Lauren (1st), Noah (2nd), and Adam (3rd)

Looking forward to next years event!  Coach Jeff



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