Initiative – taking action on our own


The word of the month is Initiative.  Simply defined it means taking action on your own.  During my mat chats I’ll be exploring the word and it’s meaning with your children.  Specifically I want to look at examples of how kids can take the initiative in school, at the dojo, and at home.  By the end of the month the kids will all know what it means and hopefully practice using it more.

Full disclosure – I can make no promises on drastic behavior changes.  But little changes and improvements are the way to good habits in the long run.  Remember that initiative is something than can be practiced and improved. So to define the word and foster your child to take initiative is a really good thing.

A building block of Leadership

Most kids can relate to heroes.  Whoever it might be it is someone that they look up to and wants to be like.  That’s an easy way for me to explain leadership.  And all leaders are who they are because they took initiative and other want to follow their example.  Below are the illustrations I’m going to share with the kids.  I’ll also come back at the end of the month to add what other examples the kids come up with.

@ School

  • goal – raising your hand at least 1 time per lesson to volunteer answers
  • goal – offer a kind act to at least one peer every day
  • goal –  volunteer when a teacher asks for help with class room tasks

@ Dojo

  • help a newer student learn to tie up the belt
  • offer to lead the class in 2 minutes of warm ups
  • offer to lead a newer student through Kata1 in the 5 minutes before or after class

@ Home

  • TBD after kids come up w/ ideas

And here is a 2 minute clip I found online to help support discussions with your little ones.  If you want to watch in your own browser click Youtube clip



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