Kid Fitness in the Winter

Physical fitness…kid fitness specifically is one of the cornerstones to overall health for our little ones. And as the weather gets colder statistics show that many kids get up to 60% less exercise than the fair weather seasons. So what to do? Find stuff they enjoy doing and fit it into their daily routine. If your son or daughter is enrolled in my kids program then here are some of the exercises we do. I thought I’d share them so you in case you need some creative ideas when they are stuck inside.

Martial arts is my favorite sport (obviously) so bring em down to class.  And please feel free to makeup missed classes.  My Thurs 5.30-6.15pm class is opening in February and can be used as a bonus extra class for all kids.

Kid Jitsu calisthenics…act like an animal and have a race across the floor.

Kid Karate kata #1. Kata is a pre-arranged sequence of moves for a proud performance.

Sensei Says (take off on Simon Says)

I do not have a video clip of this one.  But the kids love this game and I use it to quiz them on their listening skills + karate moves.  They sit down if they move without me saying “sensei says”….or if they  do the wrong move.  At home use jumping jacks, push up position, crunch sit-ups, dead cockroach (lay on back w/ legs and arms in the air), and some karate basics – front kick, side kick, palm strike, karate stance.

Obstacle Courses

This one is probably the single most popular game I run at the studio.  I mix in martial arts moves on the equipment I have + some good old conditioning.  Push-ups, army crawls, crunch sit-ups, the jiu jitsu “hip escape” (they kind wiggle on their back and side), jumping jacks, etc.  At home the space and equipment is probably limited.  You can purchase any of the equipment I have for home (punching bags, kick shields, etc) or improvise with cushions.

Outside Activities

Get them outside as much as possible.  Good ole fresh air is great for us all.  Don’t forget to keep them hydrated even when it’s cold.  As they play they will sweat and lose hydration.  Even when the snow is piled high.  And often the cold weather apparel these days are very efficient to wick away perspiration.  Send them out with water bottles and make sure they are drinking.


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