Prices & Times

My membership prices and schedule are designed to fit what I consider a typical family lifestyle.  I am a dad and know just how hectic it is these days – tons of homework, other interests, siblings activities, and time to play and be a kid.  Martial Arts training is a year round activity so I recommend one class per week.  It can fit in with a hectic schedule and give a lot back to your child.

My membership is very straight forward.  It is month-2-month with a requirement of 1 month notice to cancel for any reason.  I include a training uniform (gi) and have all the training gear your little one will need.  I recommend that once you know they are interested in martial arts to purchase their own safety equipment (to avoid using the shared sets at the school).  There are no testing fees or other requirements to purchase.

Promotional Offers

  •  2 for 1 sign-up on new members.  Both students get 1/2 off first month.  If your little one is having a blast…bring a friend along and save 50% on your first month.
  • Referral “thank you” gifts of up to $50 value for every friend that signs up.   Just a little way for me to show my appreciation for telling other families about our school.   Merchandise can be selected from catalog at studio.


Membership Prices

  •  (1) weekday group class – $ 75/month
  • (2) weekday group classes – $ 100/month
  • Family discount – (2) kids – $ 130/month; (3 or more) kids $ 50/each/month


Birthday Parties

  • Karate Kid Birthday Party – $ 200 for (1) hour lesson for up to 15 children, birthday child as helper, new uniform (gift), and 30 minutes to use facility for refreshments & gifts.


Other Membership Stuff

  • Automated Billing Service – Affiliated Acceptance Corporation (AAC) is our billing service and will draft checking/savings accounts or credit cards for monthly memberships.  This service is a convenience for Coach Jeff who prefers to focus on the students, improving programs, and quality classes.  No long term commitments or hidden fees!
  • Make Up Policy– Students who miss an occasional class should contact Coach Jeff to find out best alternate class to attend.  Missed classes are not required to be made up.
  •  Cancellations & “on hold”Memberships may be cancelled for any reason with 30 days written notice to AAC.  You may place your membership “on hold” for medical leave only.  Summer breaks can be swapped for (1) private lesson per month missed.
  • School Closings –
    • School vacations according to Glastonbury Public Schools (federal holidays + week breaks)
    • Due to bad weather  (no school or early dismissal = no class)
    • Coach Jeff vacations – posted at school periodically


    What are other Moms & Dads saying?

 “Coach Jeff is a very patient and kind instructor.  He is like Mr Miyagi from the original Karate Kid.  I’m very pleased that I have my daughters enrolled here”

“My son has taken lessons for the past 4 years and still looks forward to every class.  He is very proud to be a junior black belt.  It has helped him with his confidence and self esteem more than any other activity that we have tried”

Class Schedule

Click anywhere on calendar image below to ZOOM in.  Schedule subject to change so please call for latest 860.633.1466

full class schedule