teamworkHey blog readers.  The word of the month is TEAMWORK.  I’ll define it for the kids as “….working with others to accomplish a goal.”  Communication and cooperation are my focus words.  I chose them because regardless of the team setting (sports, classroom, or just friends) they are the cornerstones to working with others.

Teamwork Game 1 – Minefield

Coach Patrick introduced a fun teamwork game this time around.  Basically we make a mess of the mats by putting all the Versys heavy  bags, target mits, tombstone pads, etc all over the floor.  The kids are paired up and one kid must crawl with their eyes closed (or blindfolded using karate headbands).  The other child is the controller who must communicate to guide the pair through the minefield of obstacles.  If either one brushes up against anything they have to start over.  I like to leave the rules kinda vague in order to foster creativity.  Example – the first time through they all kinda yell at their partners with little details.  Then we see how adding details like “…STOP, 2 inches to the right, GO” is more successful.  And finally we show that they can also use tapping of shoulders, tapping of the mats, etc to communicate vs. only verbal.

Teamwork Game 2 – Crab Soccer

In the past I’ve also played what I call Crab Soccer.  Sometimes it’s two teams of kids against each other.  Other times with small classes or younger kids it’s me going against the kids.  In this game they must do an upside down crawl…aka Crab Walking and can only kick the big bouncy exercise ball.

Teamwork Game 3 – Relay Race

And yet another game to foster teamwork is a relay races.  You can get creative with these by having the kids crawl, crab walk, or wiggle (hip escape in BJJ) on the mats.  I’ve also done leapfrog type races and the kids love them.  One word of caution is to think through the game parameters.  The kids will want to win the race so make sure the activity is controlled and suitable for your space.  I have a small mat area so I do not allow running in order to prevent crashes.  If you teach in a gymnasium then I guess running is fair game and probably a great idea since you have the facility.

Thanks for reading today.  Below  you can post any questions or share your ideas on Teamwork games.  Hv a great day.  Coach Jeff

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